Capricorn Woman And Cancer Man

Relationship of Cancer man with Capricorn woman will always be good for short term relationships. However, long term relationship between the two zodiac signs may not be feasible. While the initial start would be great, the hiccups that are confronted by the duo after some time could easily become insurmountable for either. At the inception of the relationship, the Cancer man and Capricorn woman will have great attractions for each other. But making the attraction last longer is the tough part of the job. She might easily get frustrated with Cancer man’s habit of retreating into the shell very often. Understanding, lot of communication, patience, and tolerance is required to keep the relationship alive.


A severe blend of earth and water with no one ready to mix totally with the other, they could still find each other fascinating due to their opposite qualities. Cancer man loves and is tender in nature and is highly imaginative. Capricorn woman is very practical and has wise opinions but the heart is pretty generous. They are always ready to help anyone in need and could be ultra-feminine and charming at times and icy and aloof at others.

At the same time Cancer man is strongly determined in achievement of his set goals in life. Charming and clever, he can easily win over the Capricorn woman fulfilling her with all the qualities that she lacks but desire to have. This makes Capricorn woman complete and contended. Giving her the cool love, Cancer man makes Capricorn woman feel loved and secured. Only problem is the frequent mood swings of Cancer man that the Capricorn woman might find problematic. With strong determination Capricorn woman is very serious while falling in love with a Cancer man and is always ready to sacrifice her personal needs for her man. Yet her cold judgment and determined attitude may make Cancer man sad. Highlight of the relationship is the exotic sexual union the two usually have.

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