Cancer Woman And Capricorn Man

Cancer woman has the capability of getting the Capricorn man out of his hiding and express his feelings openly. When the woman fails to achieve this, it will mean that she will be living with a man who loves her greatly though not able to express it ever. On the other hand the too practical approach of Capricorn man could leave the emotional Cancer woman high and dry. Capricorn man on the other hand fails to understand the excessive emotions as well as the trait of compassion for others in the Cancer woman. Yet when they manage to communicate well and respect each other’s opinions, viewpoints, and ways of life, the match could become a really strong one.

Despite being opposite to each other, they can really work out the relationship. Since both are devoted and affectionate, they might make a happy combination. Capricorn man is highly ambitious and strongly determined and is courageous, conservative and domineering in nature. At the same time he is very dependable, especially at the time of needs. Cancer woman is delicate and sensitive and could be ultra feminine making her irresistible.


She can adapt to all situations, especially when she feels emotionally as well as financially secure. Strong and serious, Capricorn man is shy as well. In relationship with the Cancer woman, he is incurably romantic while admiring the lovely maiden for her devotion and family oriented attitude. For Cancer woman, peace and security are premier considerations in life and she will reciprocate the love of Capricorn remaining sympathetic and loyal to him. Capricorn proves best as a man when he gets the moral and physical support from the partner and Cancer woman is the best among zodiac signs when her needs are fulfilled and she feels contended. In sexual life it is a blend of water with earth and since both take the relationship seriously looking to make it permanent, the physical mating is deep and long lasting. Capricorn man is capable of making deep and sexual expression and Cancer woman enjoys it without any fear since the union is stable.

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