Capricorn Woman And Cancer Man

Relationship of Cancer man with Capricorn woman will always be good for short term relationships. However, long term relationship between the two zodiac signs may not be feasible. While the initial start would be great, the hiccups that are confronted by the duo after some time could easily become insurmountable for either. At the inception of the relationship, the Cancer man and Capricorn woman will have great attractions for each other. But making the attraction last longer is the tough part of the job.

Cancer Woman And Capricorn Man

Cancer woman has the capability of getting the Capricorn man out of his hiding and express his feelings openly. When the woman fails to achieve this, it will mean that she will be living with a man who loves her greatly though not able to express it ever. On the other hand the too practical approach of Capricorn man could leave the emotional Cancer woman high and dry. Capricorn man on the other hand fails to understand the excessive emotions as well as the trait of compassion for others in the Cancer woman.

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